Bringing the Show to You

I blogged yesterday about how we build the tour, from the concept right up to the creation of the content.  I'll admit it was a general overview and it is much more work than what it seems (at least that is what Rick and I tell our manager).  So now I am packing and thanks to new flight regulations have some interesting steps to take in order to get myself and all my gear on the plane.

If you have been to a recent TechNet event, you have seen all the gear we have to bring, if not a short list would include

  • Dell XPS M170 Notebook
  • Dell Optiplex GX620 Desktop
  • Toshiba M7 Corporate Notebook
  • 4 Port Gigabit Switch
  • Keyboard, mice, cables and notebook power supplies
  • And clothes of course



The problem we face is gettting this all on the plane.  With stricter airport security now, we have to ensure all our carry on meets the size and weight limitations.  For example, the Optiplex GX620 with 2 hard drives is more than the 22lb limit.  In order to take this as carry on we must strip the 2 hard drives and the power supply and pack that in a seperate bag or bags.  Then I need to balance the gear the goes into my laptop bag, against the carry on weight limit, and the gear that goes into my suitcase against the possibility of my suitcase getting lost.  It was a fine line and the only thing I hope for is that if my suitcase does get lost, I can beg/borrow/steal a powersupply for a Dell desktop 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. DanielPat says:

    Hi,yesterday i was at the Technet Fall tour in Montreal and I would like to have the presentation PPT but I don’t find it!


  2. Sitarow says:

    I am just wondering if the power point material presented at the event will be hosted on the location that was up on the screen?

  3. Hey Sitarow…

    The URL you are looking for is, not the one.

    I hope this helps – I also have a blog post with the info from my Québec and Montréal stops.


  4. [GAS] Tech. says:

    Why don’t you guys switch your GX620 mini-tower model to the small / ultra-small form factor one? These models are definitely lighter then the one you have.

  5. Nice Blog URL… 🙂

    As to why the tower instead of the USFF or SFF device? Comes down to the limited GUTS you can put in one of them. There is a 2 GB max ram in the smallest device and only space for one HDD.

    We need at least 4 GB for the demos we run (sometimes 4 or 5 machines at once) as well as additional HDDs for performance. We run with at least two (one OS and source files, other as VHD storage) as stock, but I prefer to wedge in a third to make a mirrored VHD option.

    Wait till you see what we’re asking for the next time around to showcase some more powerfull hardware!


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