NetMon 3.0 Beta is open to the public!

Ever use NetMon?  If you haven't it is worth a look as it is a good tool for performing network monitoring.  You can install it from Add/Remove Programs, Add Windows Components, Management and Monitoring Tools.  If you have used it you know that, even though it is a great tool, it is a little out of date.

Well NetMon 3.0 is now in beta and offers intelligent filtering, real-time capture and display, a completely new UI, and much more.

Click on Available Connections and the scroll down the page until you see "Network Monitor 3.0 beta".  Click on Apply to begin the registration process.

Comments (1)

  1. rddash says:

    Could you check again please? I just went an looked and didn’t see it ( and I’m registered)

    Ron D.

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