Windows Vista RC1 (5600) is available on TechNet and MSDN download sites

Just a quick note that the RC1 ISO files are available on both the MSDN and TechNet download sites.

Yup - you heard me right. x86 is there in Arabic, English, French (YEAH!), German, Japanese and Spanish. 

x64 is available only for English. 🙁

I know I already pointed you to a direct download in this post, but here is the official announcement that they are available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers.

I do have to say - I love the TechNet subscriber Download area. Finally - an IT Pro focused download content.  I no longer have to carry my DVD pack that includes the ISO files. While online - I no longer have to scroll around on the left side selection tree to navigate around all the developer stuff like I did on my old MSDN subscription ;)...

I do have to give credit to the Vista Development teams and TechNet subscriber DL team for getting this build up and out so fast. In case you didn't know, RC1 (5600) was declared on Friday last week, and it is now consumable by TechNet subscribers within a week of it's being available to blue badges (Microsoft Employees). That is AWESOME.

I can almost hear all the internet packets fly by on the internet as people get this AMAZING build.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As posted on the Windows Vista blog at 10 AM today… The public can sign up (in case you missed…

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