In case you were under a rock for the last couple of days – Vista RC1 Download Available

I am just finishing off installing my "tour" laptop (Dell M170) with the Windows Vista RC1 (build 5600) and Office 2007 B2TR (Beta2 Technical Refresh). It is not surprising that there might be some confusion around how to get RC1 of Vista in your hands. In order to simplify it for you - have a read of this post on the Windows Vista Team blog.

In short:

  • If you previously registered for Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview Program and got a PID (product Key) that key will work without having to re-register and get a new key. Just get the ISO image of 5600.
  • E-mails are being sent out (in batches) to existing CPP participants with more info and links.
  • The Windows Vista CPP has not reopened for new participants - YET. Stay tuned for more info.

In even simpler terms...

If you don't have a PID for Beta 2 and weren't part of the Windows Vista CPP, you will need to wait a little longer until the RC1 CPP is open for new entries. When? Check back to this blog or to for when this goes live.

If you already have a PID for beta 2 from the June CPP / TechNet BetaCentral, you can use the PID with the RC1 (build 5600) ISO.  You can download the ISO from the online TechNet Subscriber download centre or from the MSDN subscriber download centre.

You can also download it from here.  Not to worry - no company secrets leaked with this link.  It will be in your email notice and it's already in the comments section of the Windows Vista team blog. Heck - it's even the second item on the search page underneath Robert Scoble's post on him having to "stand in line" to get it. 🙂

...interesting... the direct download link is not even on the first 10 pages of a google search... how's that for relevancy? 😉

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    myITforum Daily Newsletter Daily Newsletter September 7, 2006 The newsletter is delivered

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just a quick note that the RC1 ISO files are available on both the MSDN and TechNet download sites. …

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    As posted on the Windows Vista blog at 10 AM today… The public can sign up (in case you missed…

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