Home Office

A while back Rick Claus posted some pics from his office setup.  When I moved to Mississauga and was looking for a place to live the room for my home office was a high priority.  It is very spacious, comfortable and even has its own bathroom and has a wonderful view. 

From L to R on the desk is my Toshiba M2 corp notebook (XP SP2 with Office 2007), my personal IBM x41 tablet (XP SP2 with Office 2007) and my new Toshiba M7 corp tablet (Vista RC1 with Office 2007).  On the floor is my home brew Media Center 2005 PC and behind the chair is the Optiplex GX620 you have all seen on tour as well as the clear case demo box.  To the right is another desk with three more PCs I am prepping for the upcoming IO tour

Pretty nice view when I can see over the screens 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Nawar says:

    very very cool home office , nice work.

  2. kenton says:

    Where is all the paper and stuff like the stuff that piles up on my desk? I’d like to know how you get rid of all that 🙂

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