IT Lounge in Charlottetown – PEI – Thursday Aug 3rd.

The concept of IT Lounge was introduced to me while visiting Winnipeg last year.  Get some IT Pro Geeks together for conversation over pints. I thought I would take a little time while on vacation down East to offer up a pint and some conversation with IT Professionals in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

Are there any IT Pros out there and able to meet up in downtown Charlottetown on Thursday the 3rd of August around 8 PM?  Click on the “Got a Question button” on the left or fill out the contact form to let me know you are interested and can make it. Location will be determined based on who’s interested. I’ve got a couple of local watering holes in mind but we’ll see who’s interested and what they recommend.

I look forward to hearing from ya.

IT Pro Advisor
Microsoft Canada

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  1. rddash says:

    So that’s what it’s called? I thought it was known as a bull session.

    We’ve been doing that for a while here in Victoria.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rick is taking the IT Lounge concept to the East Coast!  Three cheers for Charlottetown!

    If you’re…

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