Thought I would share my LiveMeeting setup for the FoD tour live stream in Toronto…

I took a snapshot of my temporary office space I used for staffing the LiveMeeting Q&A and streaming feed that wrapped up a while ago with the Toronto event.

 My Future of the Desktop BackChat / LiveMeeting setup

As you can see I have my tablet PC (running Windows XP) on the left, to test the XP experience of the stream as well as have a communication channel (office communicator) up to Bruce and Damir on stage. The middle laptop is running with an external monitor and Vista Beta 2 with LiveMeeting console open as well as individual chat windows open with various live meeting participants. We had over 120 plus people who attended the streams and who were using the Q&A to interact with me and the team on stage.

I need to reclaim my main home office back from my wife. This temporary space is rather cramped. Luckily I am still able to access my servers in the closet (yes, literally a closet) for my virtual systems and networks.

For those of you who watched the stream and participated in the Q&A remotely – how did we do? What could we do better? We’re going to be using your feedback to make next weekends event ( even better. Drop me a comment or an email with your suggestions.

What about you? Got any good pictures of your home office you wanted to share? Any suggestions on how I can better organize the space I have?

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  1. Rob Gibson says:

    Just got back from the Convention Centre in Toronto. Damir and Bruce did a good job presenting the large amount of material in the time provided. I would ask next time that people keep their cell phones on vibrate and go out of the theatre to talk on their phones!!! I found it very rude that people were taking calls during the presentation.

    I have a question that I hope will be covered in more detail next week. I really liked the imaging and depolyment built into Vista but I was a little unclear on how to apply hot fixes, drivers and updates to your existing image. I understood that you can easily add files to the image but if you are doing updates or adding applications these update files would be going into (installed into) multiple directories such as Windows, Windowssystem, etc…?!?! Could you explain?

  2. Timur says:


    I was there:))

    It was really great. Content was full(for me it was enough to install Office 2007 asap:))

    Thank you!

    See you on another event.

  3. Nick Lin says:

    You guys did well today!!

  4. Tracy says:

    I think the live feed option was great.  I used to livein Calgary where I could attend live seminars but since moving to the interior of BC where it is more difficult it was nice to have an alernative for me to still be present.

  5. AndyNaundorf says:

    Great presentation guys.  The day was definitely time well spent.

    You said you would make your powerpoint slides available online.  Where do I find them?

  6. DamirB says:

    The slides can be downloaded from

    We hope to also have recordings of the Toronto session available there soon.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Rick Claus blogged about his office setup for the Future of the Desktop tour over on the Canadian…

  8. Rob says:

    Where do we download Bruce’s scripts for Virtual Server?

  9. Anonymous says:

    A while back Rick Claus posted some pics from his office setup.  When I moved to Mississauga and…

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