Don’t Miss Out – Sign Up for the Windows Vista Beta Today!!!

I"m not sure if everyone is aware of this, but the number of Windows Vista shipments and downloads for the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program is limited.  I hve heard rumours that we are getting close to the maximum number of betas we will be issuing so if you have not signed up to get the Windows Vista beta yet, do so now

To sign up for the Windows Vista Beta, visit the Customer Preview Program site at  You can also get at this location through the Microsoft TechNet Beta Central site at where you can also get additional resources for Windows Vista, as well as be kept up-to-date on other betas such as the 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta and the Exchange 2007 beta.

Once you sign up you will get a code to download the software or you can order a DVD shipment, which will include Beta 2 as well as the Release Candidate version when it becomes available.  You do not need to download the software right away, but sign up to get the code so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to try Vista before anyone else!!

Don't miss out - sign up for the Windows Vista Customer Preview Program today!!! 


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  1. jnrheaume says:

    I gave Vista a try in virtual server 2005 and I was so impressed that I installed it on my daily box! If you haven’t download it, do so 🙂

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