Telus mobility and Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2 / MSFP Update report

For those of you who didn’t know – up here in Canada, Telus Mobility was the first Canadian based mobile operator to offer a Mobile 5 device to their regular walk in clients / web store patrons. A while back (it was the launch of this blog in January) Damir and I did the TNX: TechNet Exchange tour around mobile devices and collaboration using the Telus provided UTStarcom 6700 Windows Mobile 5 based device. All along we kept on saying that they would be releasing a update that could be self deployed… Well it’s here now.  My good friend and fellow Gadget Geek Daniel Nerenberg in Montreal got notified of the update and decided to share his excitement with the Canadian IT Pro Community.  The long and the short of it? If you have a Telus based 6700 – go out and get the update!

Boy was I happy to get an e-mail today letting me know that Telus has released the long awaited update for the UT Starcom 6700. This update allows the device to work with the Push mail feature in Exchange 2003, and provided much enhanced security features.

For those itching to get your hands on this update here is the URL:

My upgrade experience was really smooth.  I downloaded the update. Before I ran the update I made sure all my contact, calendar, and e-mail data was synched. I also cradle synched my device to make sure the files and notes data was synched.

When I executed the update it went through a few version checks with the device, and then proceeded to update the device rom images. (This wipes the device of all data)

All told it took about 15 minutes to run the update. Once I got the device up and running again I was able to immediately use push e-mail and boy is it FAST!!. I barely hit the send button from my second e-mail account on my home server when the message arrived on my Mobile 5 device.

This update allows me to interact with my companies Exchange server quickly and securely. I can't begin to explain how useful this is. Being a consultant on the go I never know when I'll get a chance to plug into a network location or get to a wifi café. With my Mobile 5 device I can now always pull my email down, and have rapid access to my contacts and schedule, all while keeping my colleagues appraised of my needs and whereabouts. 

Finally, the beauty of this solution is that my network admin didn't need to do anything special apart from installing SP2 for Exchange server. No 3rd party service, no additional hardware, no intervention on his part. I simply pointed my device towards the Exchange server's web access page and as they say out here in La Belle Province Voila!

I'd love to know how your AKU2 upgrades go, post back in the comments, and don't forget to back up your data and programs!

Daniel Nerenberg, MCSA, MCSE, NERD ( Labelled at birth by the Government no less!) - Senior consultant with Alpha Mosaik in Montreal  and Vice president of the Montreal IT pro user group ( Daniel is naturally inquisitive and passionate about technology. Driven by the desire to see cool technology bring people together in a global and local communities, Daniel has spent entirely too much of his own personal wealth to play with all the latest gadgets. Lately he is head over heels in love with his UT Starcom 6700 (much to his wife's chagrin) and trying to figure out all the different ways it can be used to make each day even more efficient then the last! 

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  1. Neil says:

    Can you keep us posted with the AKU2 status from Bell Mobility as well as AKU2 for SBS 2003?  It would be much apprecaite.  Also any info on Motorola’s Q and when it comes to Canada would also be appreciated… bye-bye Blackberry  🙁

  2. rclaus says:


    All devices shipping from Bell (i.e. the UTStarcom 6700) already has AKU 2 installed and nothing else is required on the device to enable Push email.

    Likewise there is a whitepaper talking about SBS 2003 and Exchange 2003 SP2 installation that makes your SBS environment work with a Windows Mobile 5 device with MSFP installed on it.  Here’s the link.


    Rick Claus
    IT Pro Advisor
    Microsoft Canada.

  3. Kevin Shier says:

    Whoa guys, slow down a bit. The new upgrade kills your bluetooth AudioGateway channel that allowed you to keep BT open and use Voice Command. If you use Voice Command – think twice before upgrading. You only get a 10 second window that Bluetooth is open to talk to your device…. then it shuts down the bluetooth link. UTStarcom says late 3rd quarter for a fix….

  4. White Ninja says:

    I just got the UTstarcom Bell Mobility handed to me about 5 minutes ago.

    First impressions; looks okay if it was version 1.0. Doesn’t even come close to replacing a notebook. If you want a fone that does email synced with Exchange, this is for you. Otherwise, nothing new. Personally, I would rather carry around a 3lbs notebook with 12″ wide screen like the W5A.

    Any suggestions on how to sync your notes from Exchange and view public folders?

  5. Scott says:

    Any word when Telus plans to release MSFP/AKU2 for the Motorola Q.

    Also why are they releasing these products with out them?  As a corporate client I find this very frustrating and dissapointing, thus why I’ve recommended we go with a BES/Blackberry solution.

  6. rclaus says:

    I can’t speak as to why the Q came out in Canada without the MSFP / AKU 2 update other then it is a similar experience for all Q users here in Canada and in the states.  The Mobile Operators are at the mercy of what the OEM manufactures provide them with and rely on their supply channel to get them updates and patches for their devices.  I’ve heard many rumours that AKU 2 will be available in the fall for these devices – but it is what it is – rumours.

    As for recommending a Blackberry / BES solution – I’ve moved on.  Berries are good at email but are severely lacking compared to with everything else you can do with a Mobile 5 device like the 6700.  From a device perspective – I know it’s not as sexy as a slim device, but it’s got way more functionality built in and doesn’t cost a penny extra or require an extra server and licensing costs for push email, Exchange calendar/contacts/tasks sync.

    I’ve got a couple of posts in mind directly talking about BB vs Mobile 5. Maybe I should dust them off the drafts lists and get them up.


  7. Sean Kearney says:

    Just finally bought a UT Starcom 6700.  I saw a lotof mobile phones on display earlier on when Microsoft did that big expo on Exchange 2003, Sharepoint down here in Toronto.

    Finally decided “enough is enough” with my busy months and was going to buy a good solid organizer.  I’ve always liked the PocketPC’s.  Didn’t like the lack of battery life in the earlier versions.  But always a “kickass” device.  

    A good unit from HP was going to be about $500 Canadian.  The UT STarcom without a contract was $50 more.  What a bargain!

    On top of that, this unit STILL has Wifi (many of the others don’t).  So until I activate my phone I still get remote access to my email.

    Just downloaded the UAK2 update from Telus.  In a few weeks I’ll be the first one at our company with the push technology.

    Blackberry “Crackberry”?  Who wants one of those “pancakes”.

    I have my Pocket Streets on me, the ability to remotely access clients on terminal server, plenty of ram, built in camera.

    In short I have a loaded cannon with Windows Mobile 5!   Anybody wanna play?

    Thanks Microsoft on an excellent design!

    This thing “Kicks Ass!”

  8. rclaus says:

    Congrats mate on the phone.

    I am glad you agree with reformed CrackBerry users amongst us who now use Mobile 5 devices. Once you try one, you will never go back.

    Rick Claus

    IT Pro Advisor

    Microsoft Canada

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