Answering Questions and Taming Gremlins in Quebec City and Edmonton on the Future of the Desktop Tour

This week I criss-crossed the country with the Future of the Desktop Tour events in Quebec City and Edmonton.  Capacity crowds filled the theaters in both cities, which was amazing to see and really made me feel good.  However in both cities demo gremlins struck, though in different areas.  I have tamed both of them but want to share the cause with you.

In Edmonton some of the Windows Vista demos behaved slowly and took longer then they should have due to a problem with a third-party anti-virus application.  The application kept failing and re-starting itself in the background which took away CPU cycles and affected the rest of the system.  I fixed the problem and for the rest of the day we had no issues, as witnessed by all the other demos in the other three sessions performing quite well. 

In Quebec City, the Outlook 2007 demos also had performance issues.  These were being run in a virtual machine running Windows Vista and Office 2007 and that virtual machine had a heavily fragmented VHD file.  I was also able to defrag that file and, as the folks in Edmonton can tell you, the Outlook 2007 demo ran quite quickly without any issues.

I'm hoping that's the last of the gremlins and neither Bruce nor I want to see them in Toronto. 

In both cities we also got asked some question on the hardware and system requirements for running Windows Vista.  Information on the specs of a Vista Capable PC as well as a Vista Premium Ready PC are posted on the Windows Vista web site, along with links to additional hardware specs for video cards to run Aero Glass.  This is the best place to find out the current hardware this is best suited to run Windows Vista.

I also got a lot of questions on BitLocker and how it works and how to configure it.  I posted a few days ago on how to configure BitLocker on an existing system, but a great place to get information on BitLocker is the BitLocker page on the Microsoft TechNet site.  You can also get general info on security features in Windows Vista by navigating up one level.  In fact I highly recommend the entire Windows Vista site on TechNet as a great resource for an IT Pro working with the OS.

Next stop for the tour - Toronto....and live via webcast to ... your home???


Comments (5)

  1. Lee Marsh says:

    Did you have your power point presentation available for download?



  2. Andrew Uminski says:

    BTW, Damir how did you get rid of antivirus app. so quickly? (Looked like you fixed it during the short break)

    I did not uninstall mine before upgrading XP to Vista and found out that getting rid of it later is a pain (Symantec AV Corp. v.9) – leaves a lot of entries in registry and makes calls to msiexec all the time.

    Symantec claims that v.10 is Vista-compatible – is it true?

  3. DamirB says:

    The anti-virus app we use is CA eTrust Anti-Virus, which works OK with Vista.  I fixed the problem for the show by shutting down the background service that it starts (this is the one that kept re-starting).  When I got back to the office I updated it to a newer version and it works OK now.

    In terms of Symantec AV compatibility with Vista, if they say that v10 will be Vista compatible I would tend to believe them.  I don’t have any more up-to-date info than you do at this point when it comes to 3rd party applications because it is up to the individual ISV to get their apps migrated to Vista.


  4. Timothy says:


    Did you post the .vbs script files that you demonstrated for the Virtual Server 2005 R2 automated Guest Machine setup, etc?



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