Future of the Desktop – Ottawa stop!

Ottawa is always a fun stop on any tour... not just because it gives me a chance to pop in and say hi to Rick Claus and his family, but because we always get such a great turn-out.

What impressed me most was the number of questions and interest of the attendees!

Several people asked me similar questions at the User Group meeting with the Ottawa Windows Server User Group (www.owsug.ca) and the main technet event about finding more information on the BitLocker Technology in Windows Vista. If you are wanting more info, the main site for BitLocker can be found at:


This site as Damir has previously mentioned contains a series of step by step instructions on how to enable BitLocker. There is also a really useful white paper on the tool on the site that can be found here:


In case you are wondering, I discovered what I think was causing the performance drop on the Windows Vista Virtual machine, and that was resuming from a saved state without the domain controller having started up first, then trying to access resources..

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Don't forget to post your questions!

Have fun


Comments (4)

  1. Randi Jensen says:

    After attending the conference on Tuesday, I proceeded to intall the Office 2007 beta.

    All went well EXCEPT when Outlook was translated my file it stopped "Computer not resonding"

    I guess it still needs work.

    Everything else so far has been good

  2. Tien1 says:

    I forgot to ask this question during the conference on Tuesday, the question is Does Vista or Longhorn address the problem with long filename that exceed 255 characters?  
    We have lots of users that created subsubsub folders with file name that uses the title of their document or subject of the email messages so when we need to move or copy their files to a new location from the root, the process would stop when it reached those files and just stop which you now lost track of how much has been done.  We currently uses 3rd party software to do this but it would be nice that MS would allow at least keep going with the copy process and report the error when the copy is done instead of just stop completely.  Also does Outlook 2007 disable user the ability to purge messages from the recover deleted items?  This would be quite helpful for us techs.

  3. Carol Deavy says:

    Will you be posting the slides from the session somewhere?

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