What do raccoons and Malware have in common?

They both can make a big mess of your environment and you will eventually have to deal with the issue head on.

I had to take them both on this week.  On the raccoon front, I’ve had problems with them for a while – getting into my garbage and rooting around making a mess of things. I finally got annoyed enough (and had time enough) to get a live trap and remove the first of what I am sure will be multiple offenders. I wish I could have gotten a Texan colleague like Keith Combs to come up and shoot the damn pests (his WiFi network is protected quite well by SiGARMS) , but there are firearms importation laws and city by-laws that would complicate things.

On the Malware front – I had the opportunity to talk at the Canadian Public Sector Security Summit on the subject of Malware and Defense-in-Depth. I tried my best to de-marketize the concept and talk specifically about some solutions we offer to help protect your networks from a variety of threat vectors.  I started “beyond the edge” talking about Frontbridge solutions for protection including archiving, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and message queuing to name a few of it’s services and then moved inwards including Edge (ISA Server 2006) , Server (Antigen) and Client (Microsoft Client Protection) pieces. I was pleased to see all the nodding heads as the session progressed and overall involvement with the audience. We all face Malware issues and it’s something we need to take care of head on, before it gets out of control.

For those of you interested in more details about these technologies, here are some links that will be of interest to you:

Microsoft Client Protection (including signup for soon-to-be-released public beta)

Windows Antigen (one of my favorite Anti-virus solutions from before I joined Microsoft)

Windows Internet Security Acceleration Server (My application layer firewall of choice)

Exchange Hosted Services (previously known as Frontbridge)

I hope you have a plan in place to deal with your malware from an organizational perspective. If you don’t as of yet – you soon will be forced to have one!

That reminds me – I’ve got to go bait my trap again for this evening.

Have a good weekend.

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