EnergizeIT 2006 conference/un-conference

After attending some of the latest technology conferences and hearing comments from my team, friends and lots of input from our events... it seems everyone is in agreement that it's time to try something new.   Well… here we go!  We decided that now was the time.  We took in all the feedback, ideas and comments from some very passionate people and we decided to try, a more focused event on the individual that is informative, interactive and fun.  Out of this thought came the birth of an our first trial event that takes this leap…. Energize IT 2006. 




What is it? - EnergizeIT takes a conference/un-conference approach that focuses on enabling the individual.  On Saturday Jun 24th, 2006 the event kicks off at 9:00 at the Toronto convention centre.  Parallel to the Toronto event there will be events in Calgary and Vancouver.  In addition, to allow connectivity and access for to people everywhere, we will streaming it out to the internet as a web cast to anyone that registers for the event stream. 


As I’m writing this, I’ve just learned that the event is growing on its own.  We've heard that there are some usergroups that are getting together to connect in their various cities and hosting a parallel event.  This is cool! If you are thinking about doing this, please lets us know, tell me about your event and we'll blog about it on the Can IT Pro Blog… and perhaps even send some giveaways. I love to see the innovation in the community.  Now you could have another opportunity to get connected and if you can't attend any of the above events and don't want to watch the stream alone, you may want to check with your local usergroup. 


The Experience: You will need to strap on your seat belt and make sure you have your morning coffee as the event is about you.  For the whole morning we take a fast pace demo approach to energize and show everyone the latest and greatest software and tools.  Our morning goal is to help ignite your passion for technology and stir your creativity to see what is possible.  


So if your head is not already spining... in the afternoon there is something for everyone.  


  • BRING YOUR PC! We will have tables set up where you can bring your PC, network with your peers and install the latest bits of Vista, Office, virtural server and longhorn. 

  • You can use the wired social networking area from HP Procurve to share ideas, questions, and just chat with your peers, technology experts and geeks with similar interests.  You can attend the Polar Bear hands on labs to learn how to better secure your environment. 

  • You can go to various technology experience sessions that show of gadget development, winfx, virtual server, Vista, Office, media centre, xbox, winternals tools and even cruise the partner fair to see what's cool at Dell, HP procurve, IBM, Sun, Nerds on Site, Winternals, Platespin and many more. 

As well, bring your resume as MS HR will also have a booth and take the time to share your stories and win prizes at our speakers corner... or just sit back with your friends grab a coffee and enjoy the day... as it is all about you!


This is our first event and we are committed to build on this approach, have an awesome event this year and with your involvement have an even better event next year. 


Right now my call to action to you is to have a look at www.energizeit.ca, check out the event agenda, sign up for the event and be ready to enjoy yourself.  Oh yeah... give us any feedback on how to make it better in the future!






John Oxley | Director Community Evangelism |Microsoft Canada

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