Kim Cameron, InfoCard and Identity Management with a quote from Lawrence Lessig?

I have been a busy guy of late. With the other team members doing their various national tours – I was holding down the fort with local work. The past two days were busy with the second anual Canadian Public Sector Security Summit here in Ottawa.  I’ve got a post or two with additional resources in my drafts folder – I’ll be publishing them later today.

This post is a simple one to mention that I finally met Kim Cameron – Chief Architect of Identity and Access here at Microsoft and pioneer in the InfoCard world of identity.  I’ve been a reader of his blog site for quite some time and I am a firm believer in the 7 laws of identity he maintains (in collaboration with the web as a whole) on his blogsite.  The cool thing about this concept of InfoCard is that it works not only on the Microsoft stack, but has also been deployed and used in non Microsoft environments.

The idea is catching on – even with traditional opponents / skeptics of Microsoft’s actions. I just came across this post from Lawrence Lessig (another guy I like to read) on entitled “Can Microsoft Save the net?”. My favorite part is this paragraph…

“Now, with the debut of the InfoCard identity management system, Microsoft is leading a network-wide effort to address the issue. To those of us long skeptical of the technology giant's intentions, the plan seems too good to be true. Yet the solution is not only right, it could be the most important contribution to Internet security since cryptography.”

It’s a great little article – have a read. What are your thoughts? have you tried anything with InfoCards and Vista yet? Still on XP? Not to worry – I see that Kim posted something on his blog about how to get them running on Windows XP clients as well…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rick has just posted an interesting piece on the Canadian IT Pro Blog talking about InfoCard and Identity…

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