Office 2007 and Vista Beta 2 Availability on TechNet Beta Central

I have received a number of emails and comments from those that attended the Montreal stop of the Future of the Desktop Tour wondering about the availability of the Beta 2 bits for Office 2007 and Windows Vista.  During the tour I mentioned that Beta 2 of both Windows Vista and Office 2007 was announced last Tuesday, May 23.  However, both are not currently available for download.

If you go to the Beta Central web site ( in English or in French) you can sign up for both Betas.  Currently you can download Beta 2 of the 2007 Microsoft Office system but the Windows Vista and Exchange 2007 code is not yet available.  Windows Vista is expected to be available for download from the Beta Central site around June 5.  We do not yet have a date for Exchange 2007, but as soon as I am told of one, I will post it here.

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.  For now, download and play with Office 2007 on your Windows XP desktop - it works just fine.  On June 5 (or thereabout), visit the Beta Central web site to download Windows Vista Beta 2 so that you can experience Vista for yourself. 

Comments (3)

  1. Alain Jubinville says:

    Bonjour Damir,

    I am interesting of receiving the Power Point presentation that was presented at the Paramount Montreal last May 25.

    Is it available and where can I get it?

    It was I pleasure to be present for the presentation of the Future of the Desktop Tour!

    Thank you in advance,


  2. Michel Toussaint says:


    I was there in Montreal too and it has been mentionned that a WDS (Windows Deployment Service) addon exists for RIS on Windows 2003. Where can I find this for download.
    Also, I do have access to Vista Beta 2 throught MSDN but where can I find the WAIK for the beta 2.


  3. DamirB says:

    The Windows Automated Installation Kit will include all the components that you are looking for including the WDS upgrade for RIS.  Unfortunately the WAIK for Windows Vista has not been released in Beta form yet.  However, you can get the documentation and other resources from the Vista download page at where I suspect that the WAIK will also be posted when it becomes available.


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