Windows Mobile 5 Device Emulator with AKU2 / MSFP images released!

I have been promising an update on this to lots of people I have been in touch with since the TNX:Technet Exchange tour.  The common question was “Where can I get the device emulator to try Mobile 5 MSFP stuff without having to invest in a device?”… It used to be that you had to get a copy of Visual Studio 2005 and then get the development kit for Mobile 5, but you still were missing the images (.bin files) that were AKU2 / Mobile 5 enabled.

The wait is over.

I have been following up with the various contacts I have in Redmond about when this would be available to the public and downloadable in some format.  Here it is… I just tested the link myself, installed the emulator and checked the settings / system / about information – (14847.2.0.0).

I’ll have some detailed instructions in a future post on how I use the emulator with a virtual environment to demonstrate the power of the Mobile 5 platform. In the meantime, you can download and check it our yourself.

Make sure you read the details page for the download.  I had problems at first because I didn’t RTFP… it says to download the .zip file to install the emulator first, then download and install the .msi file containing the images. Always helps if you read the documentation before installing – I should follow my own advice.

Tell me your experiences with the emulator by commenting on this post or dropping me an email via the “got a question” graphic on the left.

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