TechNet Monthly – Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Slide Deck and Resources

As promised to those that attended last night's TechNet Monthly in Mississauga, you can download the PowerPoint slides for the event here.

For more information on Identity Management on Windows Server 2003 R2, visit the Identity Management web page on the main Microsoft web site at

From a developer point of view, there are also a good number of resources on the MSDN blogs.  A search of ADFS on the MSDN blog site, yielded a good number of results which you can get at

You can find the ADFS Design Guide at

The main TechNet page on ADFS is located at

Finally, to find out how Microsoft's own IT department makes use of ADFS, go to


Comments (1)

  1. Naresh Shah says:

    Your presentation gave a quick and meaningful insight into ADFS. Thank you so much.

    Personally, I see a lot of potential in ADFS particularly for e-government. Couple of years ago, Microsoft had proposed to the govt organization i worked for in Oman to link different government ministries through Active Directory. At that time  the problem we faced was reluctance in exposing entire AD of an organization to all on the network. However today with ADFS and its concept of selective resource sharing and keeping the authentication separate makes it much easier to convince the authorities e-govt.

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