Updated Security Guide (v 2.2) for Windows XP SP2 released today.

The Build ‘06 tour had a user group presentation around securing and managing your desktop environments in Active Directory domains. One of the resources Bruce and I used to develop this document included the Windows XP Security Guide and the Microsoft TechNet Security Centre.

I just received an internal update email from the team that produced the XP Security Guide to inform me that it has been updated to version 2.2. If you are interested in learning more about how to make XP Service Pack 2 based systems even more secure – click here to download the document and give it a read.

The previous guide had the SP2 specific features as an appendix – this version has them integrated into the core content throughout the document.  It includes information around closing ports, RPCs, memory protection, e-mail handling, Web download controls and spy-ware controls.  It even includes a template for Windows Firewall security settings – NOT BAD!

A word of caution – this guide isn’t designed for the typical “home user”.  It’s targeted at consultants, security specialists, architects and IT Planners. Don’t get yourself in trouble by locking it down too tight!

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    Bruce and I created the Build ‘06 Usergroup presentation based in information from a variety of…

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