TechNet April Subscription update

I am a TechNet Plus subscriber and even though I work for Microsoft, I still use it as an easy way to get access to support information and valuable resources that are helpful to IT Pros. Call it “dogfooding” or whatever you like – I use the subscription the same way IT Pros use it in the real world. The best part about a plus subscription are the added benefits like the non time bombed product for testing and eval purposes as well as managed newsgroup access.

I wanted to pass on some information about the April subscription, in case you deep six’ed the info email without reading it, you might want to pull it back from the recycle bin. Some highlights:

  • Cheap MS Press books through Quantum Books… 44% off titles at  The email has a promo code that is required for subscribers to get the additional savings. (Sorry, I can’t post it here, you have to be a subscriber and read your update email to get it)
  • TechNet Plus subscribers have new free e-learning titles to take as part of their subscription. This includes Implementing and Managing a MS Exchange 2003 server, Designing Exchange 2003 Organisation and Using MS Virtual Server 2005.  Expires June 30th.
  • Updated Library information. Branch Office Infrastructure Solutions, Windows Server Reference architecture for Virtual Environments and something I need help with – Expense Reports Made Easy with Microsoft Office Solutions…
  • New software for Plus subscribers include: ISA 2006 Beta, IE 7 Beta, Vista CTP 5308 (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise.

Now I guess I have to go into the office to pick up my media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This week I am in Seattle at TechReady 3, our internal technical training conference.  Every year…

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