Build-06 questions from FeedBack… LUA (Least User Access) with WinXP

We went out to the user group community during the planning stages of the tour and we heard that the community as a whole were interested in how to manage their desktop environment in a more secure fashion and how to get more people to run with a LUA (Least User Access) user account. After digging around and going through our own best practices, we came up with a good balance of information – and lots of sides. Believe it or not – I asked Bruce to cut out about 20+ slides because there just WASN’T enough time to cover it all off in our 90 minute allocated time.

The end result was that our user group presentation was quite well received in all the cities we presented in – the concept of running and managing desktops with users running as Non Administrators was particularly appreciated by those in attendance. See what feedback forms can do for you?  This spurred a number of questions and discussion amongst the group as well as off line via email and blog comments.

An email came in from “pauluhryn” recommending a site he frequents and wanted to share with the IT Pro community at large.

I have found the information at to be infinitely useful for massaging applications that are reluctant to run correctly without administrative privileges.  You should consider passing this along in your user group presentation.


The WIKI has a number of contributors from both within Microsoft and in the online world. Check it out – thanks Paul – great resource!

In case one reference got lost in the multitude of links on the post event resource page – I want to highlight it here and now… The TechNet article entitled “Applying the Principle of Least Privilege to User Accounts on Windows XP” is the best 25 page read you will find on the subject…

What about you – do you have anything you want to share about LUA and Windows XP? Post a comment!

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