Connect to the Build ’06 Tour Toronto Stop LIVE!!

One of the things I love about working with the IT Pro team at Microosft is that we get to try new things and see how they work.  Right now (1:55pm EST on March 9, 2006) we are streaming the Toronto stop of the Build '06 Tour LIVE on the web.  If you can, connect to the Windows Media stream by going to or mms://  This should let you see and hear what is being presented at the John Bassett Theater at the Metro Toronto Convention Center live.   If you do connect, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.  Should this be something we do for future events as well?  Let us know!!

Sometimes the things I get to do are just too cool!!!

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  1. Don Spencer says:

    Hi Damir.

    Being one of the fortunate beta testers today, I’m finding this a great way to be there without "being there". I’ve blogged about 4 times already about the experience; most are related to the individual sessions with references pertinent to small/medium businesses like ours (see

    This has tremendous leverage potential for Microsoft. I can imagine opportunities here for more frequent curriculum events for which it wouldn’t be cost-effective for the Canadian TechNet team to travel across the country.

    For me, it makes possible a connection with IT’ers that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible (see I truly appreciate Microsoft’s willingness to stretch its services for the benefit of people like me.


    Don Spencer

    IT Manager

    Pano Cap Canada Limited

    co-founder of WWITPRO, the Waterloo-Wellington IT Pro user group (

  2. DamirB says:

    Don, I’m excited about the streaming we were able to accomplish for the Build ’06 Tour stop here in Toronto.  I think this could be something that can help individuals like yourself “attend” events when it is not possible to be there in person.  We have learned a lot from this first test of the technology and will look at where we can go from here.  

    Keep that feedback coming!!


    P.S. I think it is really cool!!!!

  3. DamirB says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I was able to view the Windows Media stream on a Windows Mobile 5 device using an EvDO data connection from a cellular provider.  Now that is REALLY COOL!!

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