Build’06 Tour – Vancouver (YVR)

Someone shared a funny observation this morning. Vancouver’ites are picky about the weather when they choose to come out to events. If it is raining – they like to stay indoors, if it is sunny, they like to stay outside. By all checks of the weather today, we had a perfect attendance day – overcast, but on the warm side. I particularly like the attendees out west – my third time out this way, very friendly IT Pros and Managers and very interactive.

One thing I have to remember – when I mention I’m from ‘out East – it means the “centre of the universe” to a Westerner – i.e. Toronto/Ontario… Where I’m from  (WAY out East – as in the maritimes) we call Toronto/Ontario “Upper Canadians”. So what does someone from out West call a Maritimer? (I am leaving myself open with this question – use the comment link to have your say)

We had a really good turn out for this event – lots of great feedback on the evaluations – thanks so much for helping us understand what you want to know and hear about next time we’re out this way. Interestingly enough we had a number of questions both during the session and on the forms about the setup and configuration of “the demo bot” I lug around with me to do the tour. Because of the interest – I will post up some pictures and specific parts / guts that are inside it as well as the configuration for how we put it through it’s paces of simulating our reference network of 5 or 6 servers/systems at the same time.

As we mentioned during the event – the blogs are our primary method of keeping in touch and connecting back to you after an event. If you have any questions that you didn’t get a chance to ask or if you have some comments you’d like to make here to help us improve for next time – by all means – please use the comments link at the bottom of this post to get your voice heard.

In case you missed the URL for post event resources (hint – it was at the bottom of your agenda) here it is again.

Comments (2)

  1. Jim Ross says:

    This was the first event of this variety that I have attended and I really got some useful information. Worth the 1 hour plane ride etc, for my organization as we are looking to a more comprehensive and proactive approach to managing our network.

    We do pretty well but their’s always room for improvement.

    I can’t wait to hear more about “the demo bot”


  2. Duncan Pope says:

    Hi Rick,

    During the event, Bruce talked about the user group meeting the previous evening.  He also promised to make a link to the ppt deck for the workstation presentation he did there.  He said to look for it on this blog if I understood correctly.  Could one of you please point me and the rest of us towards that?

    Many thanks for this and a great TechNet tour event.


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