Build’06 tour – Victoria (YYJ)

I am still marvelling at the weather out here in Victoria – double digits on the positive side, instead of a wind-chill of -25 back home in Ottawa. Keep this up and I won’t have any issue coming out west to do an event again!

I had a lot of fun presenting with Bruce un-expectantly yesterday – I played the roll of Demo-Master while he presented the 4 sessions to a few hundred IT Pros.  I hesitate to call myself Demo-Master, since I did get bit a couple of times. I must remember to bring better sacrifices to the Demo Gods. None the less, there were lots of good questions and interactions with the audience who seemed genuinely interested in understanding how to leverage the best practices and technologies to help themselves evolve up the stack to a more Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure.

If you attended the event, you should be getting a post event email with links to online resources and the post event web site. In case you can’t wait and you misplaced your agenda, here’s the link to the site.

We did a preliminary review of the feedback and evaluations to see if there were any questions – we’re working on getting back to you with answers as soon as we touch down and have some time with Internet connectivity in Vancouver.

Thanks for coming out!

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