I’ve been called up from the Minors – Build ’06 (SWMI) Victoria

As you may know, Bruce Cowper and I are starting the Build ‘06 TechNet Tour around technologies that support a “Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure”. A complete list of cities and dates can be found at the bottom of this post. I was scheduled to start my leg of the tour in Vancouver this Thursday, but something came up and I was asked to change my flights to make myself available for the debut of the tour in Victoria Tomorrow.

I just landed in Vancouver a couple of minutes ago – man what a difference in the winter temperatures, eh? It’s a balmy 10 C here, (something like -15 when I left Ottawa this morning) and heaven forbid, I think I can see some sunshine trying to poke through the clouds!

The tour content is quite interesting. Bruce has been the primary technical lead for the tour – I’ve been supporting him with demo creation and reviewing assistance.  It’s a concept that has been very important to me for quite some time. Even before joining Microsoft over a year and a half ago – I have been trying to help people “evolve” out of the reactionary mode most IT shops function and into a more pro-active methodology. SWMI (Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure) can help you get there and help you progress “up the evolutionary scale”.  During the tour stop we’ll be showing you various technologies that work together to help you evolve and you probably already have in your IT cupboards already.

The interesting thing is that you shouldn’t think of this event as being something static that you come to and go home. We’ll be pointing you towards a variety of resources that will allow you to continue your path of evolution. Reference papers and websites, hands on labs, virtual labs, additional free seminars and even a really cool 5 day “Inspire Workshop” that goes beyond Microsoft Official Curriculum and is put on by other IT professionals.

Here’s a list of cities and dates as well as registration links…

Date City Venue
February 28, 2006 Victoria Silver City Tillicum
March 2, 2006 Vancouver Paramount Vancouver
March 7, 2006 Halifax Empire B, Park Lane
March 7, 2006 Ottawa Coliseum Ottawa
March 9, 2006 Toronto Metro Toronto Convention Centre
March 14, 2006 Montreal Paramount Montreal
March 14, 2006 Calgary Paramount Chinook
March 16, 2006 Edmonton SilverCity Edmonton Mall
March 16, 2006 Quebec City StarCité Ste-Foy
March 21, 2006 Winnipeg SilverCity Polo Park

Don’t Miss Out! Sign up for a city near you today! I have to find out my connecting fight gate information.

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    I am un-expectantly in Vancouver today en route to Victoria. I’ve been called up to help out with…

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