Origami Project – mysterious page, I’m subscribed to it’ RSS!

The Origami Project…. Hummmm…

This came in on my RSS Bandit reader yesterday from Scoble (yup I read him)…

Since I am a devices geek, it has caught my eye and I now need to look more internally as to what it’s about. For now I will have to settle for the public RSS feed for more information. Stay tuned for more information – I’ll be getting it the same time you will (+ Or – 30 minutes based on your RSS reader config).

What do you think it is?

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  1. Benjamin Mateos says:


    Maybe you should check this website…


    Then go to "Work" –> "BrandTheatre" –> "Microsoft Origami" 😉

    Found it on http://bink.nu/

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