TNX:TechNet Exchange Q – Will Push Technology work with my RSA Secure ID solution?

One of the questions that came up at least once in each of the cities was from someone who had an RSA Secure ID device attached to their Keychain/Passcard holster:

“Will Direct Push mail delivery with MSFP work with my implemented RSA Secure ID solution?”

The answer at the time was – hummm… i will have to get back to you on that one – Good Question. I promised to research it and get back to you – well Max from the Exchange product team blog ( posted up a reply with some definitive answers.

The answer is Yes. Here’s his post that talks about how to configure caching of Active Sync for an administrator controlled number of minutes/hours.

If you are an Admin of a shop that uses RSA Secure ID – pop on over and check out the post. (

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