Windows Mobile 5 Emulator and .bin file Images from the tour

Damir and I are in the process of personally reviewing each and every feedback and comment you provided to us through the evaluations. Yup - we said we reviewed them and we aren't joking. Our plan is to have the bulk of the questions addressed in a subsequent blog post or two (three, four …)

One of the pressing questions from a LARGE percentage of you is "how do I get a copy of that wicked emulator so I can demo and try out the functionality of AKU 2 (Adaption Kit Update) / MSFP (Messaging Security Feature Pack) in my environment?"  Here's the answer.

The easiest way is to have a copy of Visual Studio 2005 Development Suite which includes the device emulator and then download a copy of the Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer resource Kit. You can launch the device emulator and point to the .BIN file of the Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC or SmartPhone device and you are set to go as if you had a real device in your hands.

Don't have VS 2005? As an alternative, you can download a Beta of the device emulator preview (which I loaded and used on the tour) and use the .BIN files from the above mentioned Mobile Device developer kit.

The Links / URLS to get these?
The Mobile Developer Centre / Tools and Download page:
Windows Mobile 5 SDK for Pocket PC:
Windows Mobile 5 SDK for SmartPhone:
The Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 Community Preview:

How do you get it to work? Install the SDk of your choice, find the .BIN files.  Launch the device emulator and select the bin file to launch.  Presto Chango – you have your AKU2 Mobile 5 device.  Need a command line instead to auto launch?  "DeviceEmulator.exe /memsize 128 {fullpath to .bin file}".  Only part that is left is to get your exchange environment working with Outlook Web Access and Active Sync – both secured with SSL… Need help with this? Stay tuned for more posts on this subject…

I have to get back to work - I have a few hundred more comments to read. 🙂

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  1. Tad Anderson says:

    I don’t think the new kit is any better than the first Mobile 5.0 beta release one.

    Here are 2 blogs related to this topic:



  2. rclaus says:

    Although I am not a developer, I can understand the comments about what’s supported on the mobile platform and it’s challenges. The good things is that we’re listening and continuing to move things along – once they get brought up.

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