TNX: TechNet Exchange Tour and Webcast Resources

Thank you very much to the 30 odd people who attended the Pre-Flight Checklist Webcast for the TNX: TechNet Exchange tour earlier today.  Damir and I had a great time sharing the information with you. I hope that you found some value for attending the pre-event webcast.

The biggest request was asking for the additional reference links about the technologies we're talking about throughout the tour.  Here is the list of references from the MS.Com site and TechNet sites… I have also included some external sites as well. 

PLEASE FEEL FREE to post your picks and references as comments to this post. I will put them up so we can all benefit as soon as I can. See you on the road!

Still need to register? Here's the main page link!

Windows Mobile 5
Main Windows Mobile page
Windows Mobile community page
Windows Mobile 5 Messaging and Security Feature Pack

Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Service Pack 2
Microsoft Exchange 2003 Evaluation Download (updated to include SP2)
Exchange product team Blog (You had me at EHLO…)

Sharepoint Products
Windows Sharepoint products and technologies
Windows Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 Trial
Windows Sharepoint Portal Server Hands-On-Lab
Windows Sharepoint Services

Live Communications Server 2005
Live Communication Server
Live Communications Server Trial
Live Communications Server overview

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  1. Paul Flynn says:

    Sad to see such a large gap from Calgary to Ottawa. Just skipping over the center of the country.

    I am sorry to miss the chance at the live event.


  2. Dave Hume says:

    "30 odd people" ???

    Not only is 30 and even number, but I’m sure all 30 of us can’t be odd 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  Kevin has been busy cutting and pasting URL’s.  He delivered an excellent Webcast the…

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