MMS 2012: Tons of Knowledge to be had and Presentations Galore

MMS is around the corner and there are tons of sessions and knowledge to take away. This sold out conference is a standard for anyone using or planning to use System Center products, but of course that there is much more to the conference than just that. This year there will be plenty of discussion on…


Can I use ServiceUI.exe to launch other programs besides the UDI Setup Wizard?

In a previous blog post located here we outlined how to create an interactive task sequence experience and detailed how to interact between a system session and a user session. Although it is not our recommended approach, as we would like you to use the tools available, sometimes customization outweighs using an in box solution….


Hiding Background with OSD – A C# Sample to Hide Window

In this post the basics for finding and hiding a window will be shown in Visual Studio 2008 (C#). As previously mentioned in Snazzy OSD status with BGInfo, hiding the Windows 7 Setup window will be demonstrated. Creating and Compiling First, create a simple Console Application under the C# tree. Next, copy and paste the…


Snazzy OSD status with BGInfo

This Blog post was created by Michael Schmidt. Controlling the look and feel throughout OSD a very important part of creating a good user experience. Not only is the out-of-box experience a bit bland, it’s unfamiliar and confusing to someone who’s never experienced OSD before. Our goal in this article is to outline how to…


Creating a user-interactive Task Sequence experience

This blog post was created by Michael Schmidt. At Microsoft, we have the unique challenge of having to build a OSD experience that includes providing a great user experience prior to deployment of a new OS.  In our case, we had the challenge of figuring out how we could do this considering that task sequence…