Getting Started with Modena – Step 6 – Setting up Applications

The following blog post was created prior to Modena releasing as UDI. Although the designer shown is not the released version the video points are still applicable.

Applications can be one of the most difficult things to administer, but when setup correctly can also be one of the most robust and user friendly portions of a deployment.

In today’s getting started blog post we will be covering how to setup applications along with the configuration options available for applications. If you have seen the Getting Started video on an Introduction to the OSD Designer then you should have an overall understanding on how applications are configured. However, we will be delving in depth on several areas of configuring applications which will hopefully help you get the most out of your deployment user experience around applications.

Getting Started with Configuring Applications

As part of the Modena installer the OSD Designer will be made available along with generic configuration files. Today’s video will walk you through using the OSD Designer and one of the generic configuration files in order to configure applications. This will include setting up groups, covering how packages are listed from a configuration manager server, how the application discovery preflight is tied into the application configuration, as well as how a base variable is configured. Additionally this video will be covering how application dependencies, exclusions, mappings, and WHQL queries are configured for the Modena OSD Setup Wizard. So lets get started setting up applications…

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