Prepare standard management workstation that has all the PowerShell modules and other dependencies you may need

Try not to use your regular personal desktop for Azure or Office 365 management. Try to use dedicated and standard virtual workstation for Azure and Office 365 management operations. Keep your modules clean and up to date.

  • Install Azure PowerShell 
  • Install Azure CLI

  • Install Online Services Sign-in Assistant

  • Install Azure AD module

  • SharePoint Online Management Shell

  • Visual Studio Tools for Azure

  • Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

NOTE: Don’t forget to update your PowerShell modules regularly.

You will want to ensure that you have the latest PowerShell modules installed every time you run cloud operations.  This can be done by opening up a new Powershell window and typing:

Update-Module -Name * -Force -Verbose

This will update all the loaded modules from the PowerShell GalleryAlternatively you can use Web Platform Installer to update the modules.

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