Handling memory related issues in System Center Orchestrator 2012

Please consider the following information if you are having memory related issues with PolicyModule.exe of System Center Orchestrator 2012.

  • How to increase the maximum number of concurrent policy instances running on a single Opalis Integration Server Action Server


  • Making policymodule.exe process large address aware

EditBin is part of Visual Studio. You can get it from your own developers easily or you can copy PolicyModule.exe to them and have them issue the following command there.

Editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE PolicyModule.exe

You can use EDITBIN to modify object files, executable files, and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). Options specify the changes that EDITBIN makes.

An option consists of an option specifier, which is either a dash ( – ) or a forward slash ( / ), followed by the name of the option. Option names cannot be abbreviated. Some options take arguments that are specified after a colon ( : ). No spaces or tabs are allowed within an option specification. Use one or more spaces or tabs to separate option specifications on the command line. Option names and their keyword arguments or file name arguments are not case-sensitive. For example, -bind and /BIND mean the same thing.

EDITBIN has the following options:


Specifies whether the object supports addresses that are larger than two gigabytes.

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