Is it Service Fulfillment Request, Standard Change, or Normal Change?


Change or request type


Service fulfillment requests are handled exclusively by the request fulfillment process, usually within the Service Desk. These requests do not create a new CI or materially change an existing one.

·        Setting up a user to receive System Center management reports, monitoring alerts, and requests (for example, from Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, or Service Manager).

·        Adding a new user to specific Active Directory OU or Exchange (mail) DL.

Standard changes may be handled through the provisioning process if they involve the introduction of a new resource or through the relevant steps of the change management process if they involve a change to an existing resource. They are typically handled by specialist teams outside the Service Desk. Standard changes result in the creation of a new CI or the material change of an existing one.

·        Provisioning a new VM to scale a production service—system and applications are adhering to a governed baseline.

·        Changing a single or set of system or application System Center pack monitors, alerts, or desired configuration or baseline CIs as part of a tuning and stabilization effort.

Normal changes are handled through the change management process. They are typically handled by specialist teams outside the Service Desk and always result in the creation of a new CI or the material change of an existing one.

·        Adding a new vendor or custom System Center pack to the management system (Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, or Service Manager).

·        Changing a vendor set CI in the baseline: the change of Microsoft’s default value for Windows Server 2008 for “Maximum password age” (42 days) to the custom desired values of 90 days.

·        Self-provisioning a temporary lab system for testing or training (for example, using VSTS Lab Manager).

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  1. Bulent Ozkir says:

    Erhan bey,

    Önemli olan sizin sınıflamayı yapmaya başlamış olmanız. Bunun %100 doğru olanı bence kurum için hep birlikte alınan ortak kararlara dayanması ve sürekli gelişime tabi tutularak iyileştirilmesidir. Bu tablolar her kurumda farklılık gösterecektir.

  2. Erhan says:

    Bulent Bey Merhaba,

    Bir cok kaynakta sizin yukardaki gibi vermis oldugunuz bir aciklama bulunmuyor, onun icin oncelikle tesekkurler.

    Yukardaki tablo haricinde Change Management ve Request Fulfillment arasindaki farklari ve hangi tipi requestlerin hangi disiplinde ele alinacagi ve bu iki disiplin arasindaki interaction noktlarini net olarak gorebilecegimiz bir calisma/ kaynak mevcut mu acaba?

    Iyi calismalar,

    Erhan Yazgaan

  3. Jonas says:

    Hi Bulent,

    your detailed determination helped me a lot! Thanks!

  4. Service fulfilment standards in telecom world says:

    Hi Bulent,

    I need your help if you can here. Is there any standard or body who is keeping tab on lead time or cycle time of the services/products offering to the end customers ?

    e.g. in UK – one telecom carrier, provides telephone services in 45 days while in US telecom service provider deliver similar services in 30 days.

    Is there any standard rule or bottomline available which clearly says – voice or broadband services should be delivered in X days irrespective of country/region.

    Best Regards,
    Vishal Desai

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