Interesting 802.11n discovery

Off the Exchange/Lync topic train but interesting enough this was for me to pass it on without writing about it. After a long period of laziness and ignorance of my home network, I finally got tired of buffering issues when I stream HD videos I took on vacation and decided to do something about it….


Using PowerShell to look up USCF member info

If you are one of the chess players who play rated USCF (United States Chess Federation) games, you may have used their look up tool to find someone’s rating and other details, or may be your own after you completed a tournament. Being a PowerShell geek, I had to figure out how can I fetch…


How do I measure how long a command took to run in PowerShell?

So this one might be pretty simple you say, just use measure-command right? But what if I already ran the command and didn’t time it? What if it took really long time and running it again isn’t an option? This is when built-in history helps! If you run Get-History | Get-Member You will see the…