Leaving Microsoft

And since it’s not 1st April, you can rest assured it’s not a joke. Leaving Microsoft isn’t a decision you can make easily. Working for such a company is a privilege. Working with such an amazing talent everyday is something to die for. Working to produce, deploy and support such amazing products is something to…


Remembering 9/11/2001

While it is easy for us grown ups to get used to all the chatter on radio and television and not pay enough attention to anything that isn’t of utmost importance to our personal lives or goals, my 5 yr. old today reminded me of why a 5 yr. old is better than grown ups….


Is your Windows machine ready for World IPv6 Day?

We are just a week away from World IPv6 day. On June 8, 2011, a host of technology companies with participate. By participating, they will enable their websites to be accesible using both IPv4 and IPv6. What does that mean to you? Probably nothing if you are on newer Operating Systems that support IPv6 along…


How are y’all?

Yes it has been few very interestingly busy weeks. Unusual for amount of travel I have been doing. Being dedicated PFE, I am not required to travel this much. But since it’s all for a good cause, I can’t complain. It was an interesting trip because besides my customer, I went to train my fellow…