PowerShell script to report uptime

UPDATED – Fixed issues reporting boottime. 3/20/2012 I was reading Hey, Scripting Guy! article “Calculating Server Uptime” and decided to write a script that can do the same. While the article has very nice script that calculates uptime from event log, my script isn’t fancy and simply calculates uptime since last reboot. The script can…


Comparison of Outlook 2010 and OWA features

I see many asking for comparison between Outlook 2010 and OWA with Exchange Server 2010 mailbox. While I did not have time lately with my commitments and travel, I came across Steve’s recent post which compares the features. He also included Outlook 2011 comparison which is great! Here’s the link to his blog entry: http://www.stevieg.org/2010/11/comparison-outlook-2010-owa-2010-outlook-2011-features/…


Deep Zoom Role Posters for Exchange 2010

Many of you may already have seen the post on Microsoft Exchange Team Blog announcing the availability of Exchange 2010 Architecture poster. you may also have seen Transport Architecture Diagrams published a while ago. If you have not, head over to those links and download those posters as they are great for learning and reference….


What is it like to be a Certified Master?

I recently had an honor to go through Microsoft Certified Master program for Exchange 2010 and I am glad to have made it through the course successfully! So for those of you who might be interested in learning what is it like to be in MCM, I am going to try and jot down some…


Microsoft Exchange Online–User Group Meeting September 09

Philadelphia Area Exchange Server User Group is hosting a meeting on September 9, dedicated to Microsoft Exchange Online! Many have been asking what does Microsoft Online offer? What does it mean? How do I upgrade my skills for new type of computing that is gaining popularity rapidly. Well, we are answering the questions by dedicating…


Script to change Address Book Service throttling on Exchange 2010

If you are deploying BlackBerry in Exchange 2010 environment, one of the requirements is to change throttling limits on Address Book Service from default 50 to 100,000. While I reserve my judgment to what number is right, you will have to change it to some number above 50 for sure. If you have many CAS…


How to convert a word document to other formats using PowerShell

I recently borrowed a Sony Reader Touch Edition from someone I know to try it out. As I started using Sony’s own library manager, I quickly got bored. I then tried open source Calibre which turned out to be a lot better interface but had a major flaw when it comes to supporting Sony Reader:…


Deceiving scopes of variables in a function

I was recently troubleshooting a script when I came across a problem where a variable with defined scope was not retaining its value even though scope seemed correct. Let’s look at simplified example below: Function Global:Name-ofaFunction { $Global:VariableinQuestion = $null $VariableinQuestion = “Value” $VariableinQuestion } Name-ofaFunction $VariableinQuestion The function “Name-ofaFunction” when called, creates a variable…


Ignoring SSL trust in PowerShell System.Net.WebClient

This started as a discussion on why System.Net.Webclient does not have a way to ignore SSL trust and how VBScript was easier in trying to check URL and return certain string. It’s the later part which got me going. I wanted to prove that PowerShell is, well, more powerful and easier to use. I want…


How to install Update Rollups remotely on Exchange 2010 server

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to not leave your chair, or for that matter, not switch windows. When it comes to install Update Rollups on every Exchange 2010 server you have, the same applies. So I set out to find a way and I found one! Even though this…