AD: Two slightly used TiVos for sale

   Before Windows Media Center Edition was released, I purchased two TiVo DVRs.  My family has really enjoyed these units - In fact my 3 year old daughter has become so used to being able to watch a favorite episode of Rugrats on demand that when we explained that grandma's TV can only play scheduled programs she was shocked and disbelieving 🙂  Also, (slightly embarrassing, but true) TiVo taught my 5-year old how to read!  Nevertheless, the TiVos in our household are being supplanted by superior technology:  Windows Media Center Edition!  I started by playing around with the free CD that Microsoft employees could get and putting a Hauppauge MCE250 tuner card my desktop, and helping them beta test their subsequent updates and was finally won over.  When I started using MCE, it seemed a weak facsimile of my beloved TiVo, but the rate at which it has been evolving has far-outstripped TiVo, and the home media scenarios they've been working on have made the anemic Tivo II Home Media Option seem pretty, well anemic.  We really liked our TiVos but I'm thinking the time has come to sell these units while there are still people out there willing to buy them!


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