Paintball Outing

   This last weekend a couple of guys from the EEC and the Windows Server TAP team went down to a place called Hole-in-the-wall Paintball to shoot each other with small projectiles from pneumatic weapons 🙂


From left to right, we have Matt Wagner, Dave Kearney, Do Kim, myself, Nathan McAffee, and Nathan's neighbor.

   The tactics were pretty loose, but we got better as the day progressed.  We played "air ball" (shooting at each other while taking cover behind inflatable obstacles), and "woodsball" team matches until someone had the bright idea of challenging a large contingent from the Woodinville High School Baseball Team who were there playing that day as well.  We were outnumbered by about 2.5 to one against this large band of high school boys and girls 🙂  We acquitted ourselves honorably by taking out about 2 or more of theirs for every player we lost, and won 2 out of four matches by the time we were ready to pack things in.  There were no serious casualties, but a few paintballs did manage to find their way behind Matt's mask (the swelling had gone down considerably by Monday, thankfully 🙂




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