iSCSI in the Real-World

   The EEC has recently been evaluating iSCSI technology options from some of our vendor partners - Really interesting stuff.  We haven't had any requests from customers for this technology yet, but we want to get up to speed on it and gain some operational experience before they do.  There are iSCSI options for our Brocade SilkWorm 24000 and are evaluating an IP7500 unit from Intransa that looks promising (below).  Have any of you deployed or are you considering the use of iSCSI in production yet?  What iSCSI hardware?  What are you using it for? 



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Over on his blog, my mgr Bryce mentions the new iSCSI evaluation going on here in the EEC. I for one…

  2. Joel Swanson says:

    We are in the midst of deploying an iSCSI solution from Lefthand Networks. We have 8 NSM 150’s that we will be using to support a 2-node active/passive Exchange 2003 cluster with approximately 14,000 users. We will have a starting total store size of around 400GB, but will likely grow to 800GB – 1TB within a year as we will be increasing storage limits.

    It will be in full production in roughly 1 month.

  3. BryceMilton says:

    Interesting… I know the IP7500 doesn’t have any ready to go Exchange storage profiles yet, but I suspect that’d be one of the first few things we’d be interested in fixing. Rick Nichols, our Intransa rep, would be thrilled to get that one ready for his customers.

  4. John Wilkins says:

    We deployed a Network Appliance iSCSI target for our Exchange 2003 environment. We upgraded from Exchange 5.5 and it works great. It was pretty easy to install and the migration wasn’t too bad either.

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