Inappropriate relations with a Sun server…

   Wow!  If a Microsoftie has a few complimentary words to say about Sun's latest Windows-compatible hardware, should he be fired for revealing his latent "hardware fetishist" tendencies?  According to TheRegister, the answer is a logic-defying "yes".  Fortunately, my boss doesn't look to the Register for staffing guidance, and colleagues assure me that having the Register tear into you personally is in fact something of an honor:-)  At least el Reg managed to preserve the core message that Microsoft and Sun are capable of putting the customer's needs before egos (even if it was sandwiched between baseless hints at an impending termination)  I'm thinking of having some nice t-shirts made for my team here at "the Beast's Enterprise Engineering Center", what do you think of enlisting Beastie's help, now that he's about to be unemployed?  Ok, ok - Perhaps not that's not such a great idea, after all...


Comments (4)

  1. RAOUL says:

    But then, have you been fired or not?

  2. Please enter your name says:

    Yo, beastie is not going to be Unemployed… Maybe you should *actually* READ the announcement.

    One thing I like about 64 bit sun/M$ software.

    Viruses that run even that MUCH FASTER!

  3. Richard says:

    That was pretty typical Reg writing style. They’re a bit more <ahem> flamboyant than most other IT news mags.

    I think that’s where their readers come from – they have more or less the same content as ZDnet or whoever, just rather more entertainingly written.

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