Introduction – Bryce Milton

   By way of background, I was born and raised here in the Redmond area and have now worked at MS for the past seven years (with a few years of contract software testing work before that).  Prior to coming to work at Microsoft, I was a counter-intelligence agent and a tactical interrogator in the US Army Military Intelligence Corps, a Japanese and German translator, and even an apprentice horse-trainer in Germany 🙂  That resume, plus some hobby-programming, added up to someone who could point and click in three of the most important human languages for Redmond-produced Microsoft products and a chance to get in the front door.  Since then, I've gotten paid to learn at the knee of the masters and contribute my best to some worthwhile projects including Win95c, Win98, Office 2000, Office XP, bCentral, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, SBS 2003 & Exchange 2003.

   These days, I'm a Group Program Manager at the Enterprise Engineering Center, and I love the challenge of the projects I get to work on in this capacity.  In addition to my passion for subjecting both beta and released Enterprise IT software solutions to the "crucible" of exacting Enterprise customer requirements here at the EEC, I'm also a rabid C# and ASP.NET junkie and IT Pro Community advocate.  Topping the list of my non-technical interests are spending time with my wife and two little girls, working with horses, sailing, snow-boarding, and of course, drunken fire-walking.


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    Lot’s of people have been working hard to make this a reality, but here we are at last:  The EEC’s…

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