Tech Savvy Heavy Hitters

I presented at a senior management board for a major investment bank on mobile technology a few years back.  Part way through, the CIO interrupted and started my critique for being out of touch with the realities of their business and the requirements of the trading floor.  Thinking I had totally missed the mark, I was saved by someone who jumped in and started confronting the CIO.  He said, ‘where do you think our top traders work out of?  Our City offices??  Not a chance.  They are in Monaco, Jersey, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar.  I can’t remember the last time I saw them in the office.’  ‘And it not just the big guys either,’ he continued, ‘more and more if we want to attract the very best and brightest out of schools, these hot shot kids are demanding these fancy new technologies that they have grown accustomed to in university.  If we don’t offer them, then they question if we really all that sophisticated and ‘world leading’ as we claim and they opt to go work some place else more dynamic.”  The interloper was the Head of Trading who had invited me to speak and set up the topic in the first place to shake things up and drive more innovation in the business on new ways of working.

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