Who is Driving

Given these drivers (energy, climate, social, intellectual), there are a number core constituencies who have an acute interest in these considerations and who will be on the vanguard to driving for change.


Energy/Climate:  Public Policy is increasingly re-examining the rules and assumptions of the 21st century economy with energy supply and climate change in mind.  Tax incentives and penalties are being introduced to reduce carbon footprints especially from motor vehicles.


Social:  Women/Families – Pressures at breaking points are driving people to demand greater flexibility in working practices (eg.  hours, locations) in order to juggle it all.  One organisation at the forefront of these reforms is Working Families.


Knowledge work:  Top Talent – The constituency with the most to gain by reducing brain dead commute time are those for whose hour of concentrated knowledge work has the highest valuation, ie.  professionals with scarce skills.  More specifically it is the highest performers.  Not only is their domain expertise scare, but their exceptional competency is even more scarce.

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