Querying Windows 8 Application Manifests for NFC launching

Recently I embarked on a supposedly simple challenge to determine if I could use Near Field Communications (NFC) to launch applications on a Windows 8 machine so I don’t have to attach a keyboard… if you ever come to the Microsoft Redmond Executive Briefing Center (EBC), I will be happy to show you, but suffice…


Capturing and Restoring a Windows 8 Start Screen Tile Lineup

Ever wondered how you take a snapshot of the layout of the tiles on a Windows 8 Start Screen and then restoring them exactly as they were before. No? Well nor had I until I got asked just that question recently… It turns out that the answer is really simple. I started down the route…


Recovering a multiboot system after a drive failure

Okay, this is I am sure a topic that has been covered many, many times. However, it took me a few tries and a bit of searching to find the answer to the following challenge: I had a PC with two hard drives. Each drive had an operating system (Windows 8 and Server 2008 R2)….