ISA and Antigen Hands On Labs

Last week we held a 2 day series of hands-on labs for ISA server and Antigen that convered a huge range of scenarios and practical solutions for security, junk mail filtering and anti-virus. I hope all of you that attended will agree that it was an awesome experience. I spent a great deal of time…


biometrics – fingerprint access

I have had the MS fingerprint readers for quite a while now and have found them to be great convenience devices. These consumer units were produced in conjunction with DigitalPersona but are aimed at helping us deal with a challenge we face more and more as time goes by – too many digital identities… As a…


Regional Weather Station with MSN Direct Weather Data Service

For all of the weather watchers out there (and in Canada I think that means all of us…) I have over the summer had the priviledge of testing this little beauty: There were a number of us that had the alpha models and were able to provide a whole whack of feedback to…


Windows Defender (Microsoft Anti Spyware tool)

Further to my last post, for those of you concerned about the Sony DRM rootkit you may be happy to know that the Windows Defender (was the Microsoft Anti Spyware) tool has a signature for dealing with the software. You can get Windows Defender at Enjoy!


root kits

I thought it was about time I jumped on the bandwagon about rootkits in light of the recent challenges the the Sony software. I can imagine that there are many pieces of code out there that have been designed for one purpose or another and unintentially caused problems. I was speaking to Mark Russinovich the…


Exchange Performance Tuning

During the past couple of weeks I have been going across the country with some of the guys from IBm doing a series of events on Exchange Performance tuning… Much of this has been focussed towards the use of SANs, but the information is just as pertinent for anyone running Exchange. One of the big factors I find…


Inspire Workshop Series with Dell & CMS

For the last couple of days we have been delivering a series of workshops written over the summer by Myself and Mike Holder from CMS Consulting. During the sessions based around AD we have been looking at fundamentals, deployment, troubleshooting and security. Tomorrow we embark on viewing the Windows Server System as a whole to leverage components for…


WSYP project: Leverage customer feedback for software reliability

Ever wondered what we do with your feedback when you click on the ‘send report’ button if you get an error? Well here is a rather amusing video that give you an idea of what could be… Enjoy!


Hotfixes – do they cost or not?

I was reading a colleague of mine’s blog today (Rick Claus) and it seems he has done a bit of digging on whether hotfixes actually cost to get hold of. I personally thought it was a daft idea if a fault is known about and a fix available, why should I have to pay? I have been…


Canadian User Groups & Community events for November

I have included many of the groups across the country but please let me know about others I may have missed. Also if you can register with / contact the user groups directly for more info please 🙂 You can find a list of user groups and many events at: BC West Coast Security…