A Truly Magic Mouse

I have now been using the application for a little over a week and I can honestly say that it has changed my geekish life. What is it you ask? Well, quite simply put it is a mouse without borders

Do you have multiple computers on your desk, or wish you could easily without having to clutter the place up with numerous keyboards and mice? The answer (for me anyway) came after I read a blog post on a Microsoft Garage project called ‘Mouse without Borders’. Now initially I filed the blog post under – ‘I will read that when I get time’ and really wish I had not.

I use a couple of computers on my desk, both at home and in the office. I wanted to be able to use a single mouse and keyboard to control the machines. I also wanted to be able to copy and paste files, data and URLs etc between them. Oh and most importantly for me, to also be able to lock or log on/off the machines off simply together. It seems that Truong Do (he works for the Microsoft Dynamics team) read my mind. He developed the application to do all of the above and more.

Here is the video about the project.

The tool allows you to link up to four computers together seamlessly. If you do nothing else today (and have multiple machines to play with), it to download Mouse Without Borders and start playing. It is really straightforward to install and configure.



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