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I don’t often do this, but I have an ask of everyone…

If you have a Facebook account, here is a way you can help support a good friend of mine (Paul Gillespie) achieve something REALLY important.

The deal is this:

the Kids Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA) and the Internet Explorer 8 team have set up a web site:

If you show your support and join the campaign by going to the site and logging on with your Facebook account, Microsoft will donate $2 a time to help the KINSA causes.

What are the KINSA causes I hear you ask?

KINSA works with Canadian law enforcement and other partners to deliver training and build capacity among police in developing countries to help them find and rescue child victims of abuse whose images are shared on the Internet.

Microsoft Canada and the IE8 team will donate up to $50,000 and you can even go back to the site each day and make sure we hit the target.

In my humble opinion, if you do nothing else today… this is one thing you know will make a difference for kids here and abroad.


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