Security Bulletins for the Regular IT Guy Podcasts

One of the pieces of feedback I have been given for a while is that despite the changes we have made to the update process and guidance, there is still confusion over things like – what do the updates do, do I really need to apply them to my systems and how critical actually are they?

Now, we always recommend applying all updates to the appropriate systems, but sometime people have to prioritise, especially if they require reboots. To this end, a group of folks here in Canada released our first attempt at simplifying the bulletins: Click here to listen.

As it happens, the guys from Corp also had the same idea, though they used video and it probably wasn’t conceived in a pub over beer and designed on napkins :).

More importantly, we are keen to get your feedback as to whether either approach is helpful or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

As always, the MSRC blog: is the home of the bulletins.

Thanks in advance and enjoy!


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