BIO for Bruce Cowper – Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Canada Co.

Bruce Cowper

Chief Security Advisor

Microsoft Canada Co.

As the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Canada, Bruce is responsible for the overall security strategy, working closely with the Public Sector, large enterprises, Industry Associations and the Community across Canada. He comes from a security background in secure system design, forensics and security risk management and as the Chief Security Advisor leverages his real life hands-on experience to relate to the challenges faced today. Bruce is a prolific speaker and can frequently be found in the media and at conferences across Canada and beyond.

Bruce is a founding member of the Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK) and an active member of numerous organisations across Canada. Before moving to Toronto and joining Microsoft, Bruce held positions on the board of directors of several IT companies, championing the development of technical excellence and the customer experience.

Bruce holds a degree in Computer Systems Engineering as well as industry standard qualifications.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is another Patch Tuesday and I just got an email from Rick Claus from Microsoft Canada’s IT Pro Evangelist

  2. SAM SERAJIAN says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I am so glad to hear from you again; It s WOW not that I hear from you, Microsoft Chief Security Advisor and reading about your profile

    Once again, please feel free to assign me any tasks or any research that may help you towards your investigations in Security (world wide) which definitely help me learn as well

    About me;

    I am still challenging to move up to a higher level position than where I am at now at the BMO. Although I obtained valuable experience working in Bank, in operations, I think my information and knowledge shrinks and have been shrinking over the last 2.5 years here at service desk

    I will be happy to hear from you and see you again

    take care,


  3. Mark Steiman says:

    Hello Bruce,

    Congratulations on your role!

    I am the Canadian Industry Development Manager for CompTIA and looking to build awareness and participation in our Security Trustmark program.  This program is for the benefit of all service providers in the security space.  I would like to discuss the landscape in Canada with you and identify areas where colaboration would be beneficial.


  4. William S. Cowper says:

    Hey Bruce….just found you through Google’s blogs. We share the same surname.

    I’m formerly from Ontario, (my twin brother Bob lives in Windsor, Ont., like me he is a retired cop, and now the Director of the University of Windsor Campus Police) and the majority of my family lives in the Niagara area, GTA, and southwest Ontario.

    I’m a retired police Sergeant (Halifax Regional Police), retired after 31 years in 2004 and then took my current job as Manager of Loss Prevention/Security/Enforcement with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

    I specialized in the Technological Support Section for years on the PD and was once known as "Sergeant Internet" and I taught at Acadia University in the Comp. Sci. Dept.

    It’s kinda neat to know a Cowper is the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft.

    Check out the story in the Canadian Security magazine (url above). I’m currently about to roll out a hybrid solution re I.P. and analog video surveillance as our new standard for the NSLC and along with our I.T. section I’m busy examining our security risks and bandwidth implications. I’d be interested in any views you may care to share.

    Stay in touch;

    Billy Cowper

  5. Bruce Cowper says:

    Hi Billy,

    It is good to meet another Cowper 🙂 Unfortuntely the system does not pass on email addresses and so I am unable to respond directly. Please feel free to contact me at

    Many thanks


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