Security Education Conference Toronto

Amazingly enough, that time of the year has arrived again and SecTor ( is almost upon us.

The team ( have announced the speaker lineup:

New Keynote and Sessions Announced - click here for all the keynotes and sessions

Keynote: "Baggage: What I took with me when I "left" Computer Security" - Stephen Toulouse

Keynote: "No-Tech Hacking" - Johnny Long

"Metasploit Prime" - H D Moore

“Network Security Trends for 2009 (aka ‘not the NAC’)” Jennifer Jabbusch

"Advanced Spear Phishing Attack Framework" - Joshua Perrymon

"Owning the Users with The Middler" - Jay Beale

"RFID Unplugged" - Eric Johanson

"Double Trouble: SQL Rootkits and Encryption" - Kevvie Fowler

... view all the sessions here

Look who we're flying up to deliver exceptional training (before the conference):

No-Tech Hacking with Johnny Long – GO

Bluetooth and Wireless Hacking with Dino Covotsos – GO

Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques with SANS Institute's John Strand – GO

Powersploiting: Leveraging the Metasploit Framework with H D Moore – GO


I for one can't decide which session to go to but I would certainly recommend having a look and I will hopefully see you there!

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